I produce music on my computer. My influences are video game music, rock, pop and trip-hop.

Town Theme

Peaceful, calm, neighborly

Drama Theme

Melodramatic, tense, theatrical

Morning Feeling

Relaxed. Hopeful. Nostalgic.


Dark. Moody. Aggresive.


Mysterious. Odd. Experimental.

Surfing in Space

Retro. Fun. Synths.

The following are part of a video game concept.

The Ice Warrior

Icy. Energetic. Powerful.

Call for Adventure

Adventurous. Optimistic. Bright.

Under the Canopy

Quirky. Funny. Groovy.


Pessimistic. Dispirited. Melancholic.

Bow Down to the Master

Vicious. Wicked. Threatening.

The End of the Journey

Reflective. Longing. Marching.

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